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Paul Chung

Paul Chung was a late Hong Kong actor. He committed suicide on Friday, September 1, 1989.

Pauline Chan

Pauline Chan was a late Hong Kong actress. She committed suicide on Wednesday, July 31, 2002, after a month gave birth to her son on June 23, 2002.

Peter Yang Kwan

Peter Yang Kwan or Peter Yang was a Hong Kong martial artist film actor and film producer best known for his appearances in Hong Kong action cinema of the 1970s and 1980s.

He starred in the film King of Kings and in 1971 ''The Big Boss'' which starred Bruce Lee.


*Our Sister Hedy 1957 Actor
*Mambo Girl 1957 Actor
*Scarlet Doll 1958 Actor
*Jade-Green Lake 1958 Actor
*Witch-Girl, He Yueer, The 1961 Actor
*Mung Li Chuen 1963 Actor
*Adulteress, The 1963 Actor
*Story Of Qin Xianglian, The 1964 Actor
*Dodder Flower 1965 Actor
*Commander Underground 1967 Actor
*Knight Of Old Cathay, The 1968 Actor
*Greatest Fight 1968 Actor
*Superior Darter 1969 Actor
*Son Of Swordsman 1969 Actor
*King Of Kings 1969 Actor
*You, Me And Him 1970 Actor
*Way Ching Killer The Dragon 1970 Actor
*Lost Spring, The 1970 Actor
*From The Highway 1970 Actor
*Four Moods 1970 Actor
*Dusk 1970 Actor
*You Don't Tell Him 1971 Actor
*Tsu Hong Wu, The 1971 Actor
*Legends Of Cheating 1971 Actor
*The Big Boss 1971 Actor
*The Ammunition Hunters 1971 Actor

* 1972 Director, Actor, Presenter
*Avenger, The 1972 Actor
*Tales Of Larceny 1973 Actor
*Morning Goodbye 1973 Actor
*Illicit Desire 1973 Actor
*Cheat To Cheat 1973 Actor
*Lady Blood Boxer 1974 Actor
*Golden Lotus 1974 Actor
*Blood Reincarnation 1974 Actor
*My Wacky, Wacky World 1975 Cameo
*Confession Of A Concubine 1975 Actor
*I Want More 1976 Director, Actor
*800 Heroes 1976 Actor
*Old Soldiers Never Die 1978 Director, producer, Actor
*Enter The Fat Dragon 1978 Actor, Planning
*Battle of Guningtou, The 1979 Actor
*Shell Game, The 1980 Actor
*Encore 1980 Actor
*Man On The Brink 1981 Producer
*Gambler's Duel, The 1981 Actor
*Big Boss 1981 Actor
*Lily Under The Gun 1982 Actor
*First Time 1983 Producer, Actor, Manager

*Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars 1985
*Protector, The 1985 Actor
*Cop Of The Town 1985 Producer
*Cop Busters 1985 Actor
*Parking Service 1986 Actor
*Angel 1986 Actor
*Tragic Hero 1987 Actor
*Sworn Brothers 1987 Actor
*Rich And Famous 1987 Actor
*Border Line Story 1988 Actor
*Point Of No Return 1990 Actor
*Never Say Regret 1990 Actor
*My Hero 1990 Actor
*Plot, The 1991 Actor
*Godfather's Daughter Mafia Blues, The 1991 Actor
*Fantasy Romance 1991 Producer
*Gambling Soul 1992 Actor
*Beauty Investigator 1992 Actor
*Run For Life - Ladies From China 1993 Actor
*Possessed 1994 Actor
*Life Is A Miracle 2001 Actor

Race Wong

Race Wong Yuen-Ling is a Hong Kong and a member of the Hong Kong-based Cantopop music group alongside her sister Rosanne Wong. She is now a Singaporean resident.




*Hearts Of Fencing
*''Sound of Colours''
*''Love is a Many Stupid Thing''
*''Ab-normal Beauty''
*''The Unusual Youth''
*''Moments of Love''
*''The China's Next Top Princess''

Rosanne Wong

Rosanne Wong is the member of a Hong Kong cantopop music group alongside younger sister Race Wong.

She was born in Malaysia and moved to Singapore with her family at a very young age. She was discovered by an agent while performing in a singing contest.

Rosanne Wong is one of the most versatile and dynamic young artistes to emerge from Asia in recent years. Known for her exciting yet sensitive acting and singing performances on stage, film and television, Rosanne can brighten up any occasion with her exuberance and charm, and is in regular demand for guest appearances at gala functions and on television and radio.

Born in a small fishing village in the state of Terengganu, along the north east coast of Malaysia, Rosanne had a simple childhood, where community gatherings and views of the sea and unspoiled stretches of sand took the place of television, cinema and playstations. Such humble beginnings have given Rosanne a deep appreciation for nature and friendships, themes that often inspire her song writing today.

At the age of 10, Rosanne moved to Singapore with her family, and she still calls the city home, even after moving to Australia for her undergraduate degree in Commerce at The University of Curtin, Perth, and having lived in Hong Kong for the past 6 years.

It was during her university life that Rosanne first took to the stage and found a natural talent in acting and singing. Thirsting for a greater adventure and challenge after graduation, Rosanne embarked on a career in entertainment with her younger sister, Race, in Hong Kong. Soon after their arrival, in 2002, they formed the pop group “2R”, which immediately took the local music industry by storm.

In their first year, 2R racked up numerous awards, including the prestigious TVB Most Popular Group Gold Award, TVB Top 10 Songs of the Year Awards, TVB Award for The Best Newcomer. Best New Group Bronze Award - Hong Kong Commercial Radio Music Awards', Most Promising Newcomer - 26th Annual Top 10 Song of the Year Awards' and Most Explosive Newcomer - Metro Broadcasting Music Awards'. 2R has recorded many albums including-

2R New + Best Selection ,
2R Revolution ,
United 2R and
Two of Us AVEP

2R has altogether recorded four albums with pop songs and ballads in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, and the sisters continue to win critical acclaim and enjoy a busy schedule of engagements, performances and concerts.

Such recognition so early on in Rosanne’s career encouraged her to pursue her keen interest in acting. Rosanne’s captivating Asian features, coupled with her ability to speak four languages fluently , have given her the platform to excel on both the stage and the silver screen. Rosanne has played different characters in both TV and movies. TV appearances include-

“Feel 100%” Now.com Online Series ,
“If The Moon Has Eyes” TV Series,
“The Rainbow Connection” ,
“2R Blog” .

She starred in the award-winning movie
“Ab-Normal Beauty” ,
“The Next Top Queen” and the popular
“Love is Many Stupid Thing”,
which allowed her to work with renowned actors.

Most recently, spurred on by her eagerness to explore new challenges, Rosanne appeared bald as the lead actress in the award-winning dance musical The Smiling Proud Wanderer by Jing Yong in collaboration with the Hong Kong Dance Company in 2006-2007. Albeit her first time in a musical, Rosanne gave an inspiring and confident performance at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, and her convincing and moving rendition of the song The Smiling Proud Wanderer won international rave reviews.

By popular demand, the Hong Kong Cultural Centre hosted extra performances and they were invited to perform at the world-renowned Shanghai Grand Theatre in 2007, where Rosanne had to perform in Mandarin as well as Cantonese, an achievement by no means easy for any established actress. Her flawless and critically acclaimed performance confirmed her position as a prominent young star with both artistic and technical versatility.

Rosanne’s heartwarming personality, multifaceted talents and cosmopolitan background have also given her the opportunity to star in recent advertisement campaigns of major international companies like Biotherm, IBM, Carlsberg, SAFA MP3 and Microworks.

In addition to contributing to the continued success of 2R, Rosanne plans to develop her acting repertoire in the near future, concentrating on television dramas. Planned ventures include developing her dancing in Korea as well as acting in a television series in Shanghai.

In her spare time, Rosanne enjoys cooking, traveling, and sports. A proud supporter of ORBIS and UNICEF, she dedicates time to help strive to eliminate avoidable blindness in mainland China as well as promoting child survival and development in the Tsunami struck areas of Asia.

Roy Cheung

Roy Cheung Yiu-Yeung is a Hong Kong-based actor, best known on-screen for his roles as Triad gangsters in a number of films.

Early life and career

As a child, Cheung idolized kung-fu legend Bruce Lee but never seriously considered a career in acting.

Starting out as a model, Cheung turned to acting when director Yeung Fan cast him in his 1986 film ''Lost Romance'' and the first of his many roles portraying a villain followed in the acclaimed director Ringo Lam's 1987 ''City on Fire''.

In 1996, Cheung appeared in the 3rd, 4th and 6th installments of the ''Young and Dangerous'' series. Roles that heralded the beginning of a long working relationship with /cinematographer Andrew Lau.

Present day

Recently, Cheung has appeared in a number of Andrew Lau's films, most notably in the second installment of the internationally-acclaimed ''Infernal Affairs'' trilogy, and in the 1998 ''The Storm Riders'', in which Cheung broke free of his standard villainous self altogether and portrayed a monk.


*''Lost Romance''
*''City on Fire''
*''Prison on Fire''
*''The Big Heat''
*''School on Fire''
*''Tiger on the Beat 2''
*''Aces Go Places 5''
*''They Came to Rob Hong Kong''
*''Wild Search''
*''Chicken a La Queen''
*''Fight Back to School'' - Brother Teddy Big
*''Hong Kong Godfather'' - Officer Leung
*''In the Lap of God'' - Roy
*''The Magnificent Scoundrels'' - Brother Tai-te
*''My Flying Wife'' - Mr. Smartie
*''Prison on Fire II'' - Officer 'Scarface' Hung
*''Shanghai Heroic Story''
*''What a Hero!''
*'''' - Shudo
*''Ghost Lantern''
*''Gambling Baron''
*''Organized Crime and Triad Bureau''
*''To Live and Die in Tsimshatsui''
*''Tragic Fantasy: Tiger of Wanchai''
*''The Armed Policewoman''
*''From the Same Family''
*''High Voltage''
*''Love, Guns & Glass''
*''Best of the Best''
*''King of Robbery''
*''Mongkok Story''
*''Once Upon a Time in Triad Society 2''
*''The Wild Couple''
*''Young and Dangerous 3''
*''Young and Dangerous 4''
*''Beast Cops''
*''Leopard Hunting''
*''Raging Angels''
*''The Storm Riders''
*''Big Spender''
*''The Mission''
*''Slow Fade''
*''Jiang Hu - The Triad Zone''
*''Bloody Cops''
*''Play With Strangers''
*''Super Car Criminals''
*''White Storm''
*''Her Name is Cat 2: Journey to Death''
*''The Replacement Suspects''
*''The Avenging Fist''
*''Chinese Odyssey 2002''
*''The Wesley's Mysterious File''
*''Deadline Crisis''
*''Infernal Affairs II''
*''Dragon the Master''
*''The Game of Killing''
*''Moonlight in Tokyo''

Simon Lui

Simon Lui Yue Yeung is a highly prolific Hong Kong based actor famous for starring in many low-budget and/or horror films since the early 1990's. He began drawing attention when he was featured in the "Troublesome Night" movie series. He starred in 27 films in 1999 alone, and began writing scripts the same year, starting with Last Ghost Standing.


* ''Feel It Say It...''
* ''Loss Of Memory''
* ''The Corpse Spirit Is Pressing
* ''A Knife-Shooter
* ''Escape from Hong Kong Island
* ''Herbal Tea Producer, Writer, Actor
* ''I.T. Story Actor
* ''Super Model Actor
* ''Last Ghost Standing'' - Yang Yang
* ''Banana Club'' - Yue Yeung