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Kai Wong

Kai Wong; born July 22; and coached by Sean Penn, and after studies at the Sorbonne, was admitted to New College, University of Oxford in English Literature but finished baccalaureate degree at Dartmouth College.

Wong later moved to Europe where he trained and performed at the of Paris, where he was a year junior with Louis Garrel of Bernardo Bertolucci's ''''. As an actor, he worked under late theatre director Claude Stratz, collaborator of French director Patrice Chereau.''


Kai's estranged sister, Bennie, is a Moonie apostate, a follower of Korean cult leader Sun Myung Moon. His other sister, Connie, is god-daughter of the former Head of CIA.


Of ancient imperial lineage, Wong is an intra-clan of the Yellow Emperor, Huangdi, and a direct descendant of Qinshihuang. Wong's ancestry traces to the Huang clan of Jiangxia Prefecture in Hubei. This branch of the Wong clan are direct descendants of the founding Emperor of China. His paternal grandfather Huang Zhongwen born Y.S. Wong , rumored to be part of the Tongmenghui, was tutored by an Imperial scholar - Jìnshì , and a trained physician , before fighting in Sun Yat-sen's army in the Northern Expedition against European and Japanese invasions, after which he passed away from tuberculosis. He inherited imperial palace beads from his grandmother, Kwan, , but this was lost in the war.


Wong was discovered in New York City by talent manager and dancer, Jadin Wong. Jadin immediately signed him up after hearing him audition as Marius in "". He started his U.S. film career as her protégé. His career started in New York performing in off-Broadway theater such as anti-war agitprop musicals and performance theater.

Wong started his career in New York sitcoms and then moved to Hollywood. Wong was shortlisted to co-star with Meryl Streep in '''', a film inspired by true events in the genre of Michael Moore's ''Bowling for Columbine'' and Gus Van Sant's ''''. He was also shortlisted for Rush Hour 3 as French-speaking Assassin. Wong stalled involvement in both in view of racial sensitivities after the controversy surrounding the Virginia Tech Massacre.



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